Medicni perspektivi. 2023. Vol. 28, N 3

 Title of the issue

2023 Vol. XXVIII N 3




Voichenko Ya.S., Rodynskyi O.H.  Clinical course of pro-oxidant processes in brain structures in rats under conditions of experimental hyperthyroxinemia in age-related dynamics


Hlavachek D.O., Kondratenko O.Ye. Determining the effect of drug "Warfarin sodium" on toxicity indicators in an acute experiment


Ostrovska S.S., Dychko Ye.N., Shumna T.Ye., Titov G.I., Trushenko O.S., Gerasymchuk P.G., Burega I.Y.  The role of oxidized non-coding RNAs of the epigenome in the development of human diseases (literature review)


Zinych O.V., Shuprovych A.A., Trofymenko O.M., Komisarenko K.P. The role of epigenetic modifications in the formation of heterogeneous phenotypes in diabetes mellitus (a literature review)




Dytiatkovska Ye.M., Nedohybchenko N.O. Optimization of the treatment of patients with severe chronic urticaria


Usychenko К.М. The using of genetic markers as a possibility of predicting the rate of progress of liver fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B.


Orlova Yu.A., Hromova A.M., Ketova O.M., Liakhovska T.Yu., Martynenko V.B., Krutikova E.I. Aseptic inflammation as the essential link in the pathogenesis of endometrioid disease


Droniak M.M., Shevchuk I.M., Snizhko S.S., Sadovyi I.Ya., Fedorkiv N.B., Kuzenko R.T. The values of indices of non-specific resistance and cytokine regulation for early diagnosis of secondary peritonitis


Boginskis V., Zadoroznijs S., Cernavska I., Beikmane D., Sauka J. Artificial intelligence effectivity in fracture detection


Kashtalian M.A., Kvasnevskyi Ie.A. Kvasnevskyi O.A. The first experience of using the "Senhance" robotic surgical system during cholecystectomy


Berezyuk O.R., Filts O.O. Association of the feeling of anxiety and the phenomenon of inferiority.


Ogorenko V.V., Nikolenko A.Ye., Shusterman T.Y., Kokashynskyi V.O. The integrative model of resiliency in higher education seekers in war conditions 


Gubin M.V., Olkhovskyi V.O., Garyuk G.I., Gubin V.M. Forensic-medical determination of the severity of closed injuries of the hyoid-laryngeal complex according to the data of a specialized clinic 


Trybulski R., Biolik G., Kuczmik W., Ivasyk N., Tyravska O. Application of deep oscillation therapy in the treatment of peripheral arterial diseases 


Proshchenko N.S., Sorochenko H.V., Ostapko O.I., Plyska O.M., Trokhimets Yu.V.  Complicated caries of permanent teeth in children: status of the problem and modern solution ways 




Prodanchuk M.H., Basanets A.V., Kravchuk O.P., Hashynova K.Y., Hvozdetskyy V.A. Analysis of the dynamics of occupational morbidity and its consequences in Ukraine in comparison with other countries of the world 


Gulich M.P., Petrenko O.D. Healthy nutrition as a disease prevention factor: WHO Policy and National Experience (to mark the 75th anniversary of WHO in Ukraine) 


Prokopov V.О., Lypovetska О.B., Kulish T.V. Hygienic assessment of dangerous chlorites in drinking water treated with chlorine dioxide and the risk of its consumption to the health of the population 


Komilova N., Egamkulov Kh., Hamroyev M., Khalilova Kh., Zaynutdinova D. The impact of urban air pollution on human health 



Kodynets A.O., Doroshenko O.F., Volynets I.P., Dorozhko G.K., Petrenko V.O., Belitsky V.V. Supplementary protection of intellectual property rights for medicines 


Kaduk D.Ye., Aleksandrova T.M., Talapova P.S., Agieieva I.B., Ved M.M., Trofymenko M.O., Kolesnyk M.R., Nesmiian T.S. Current state and prospects of implementation of data standardization in the health care system of Ukraine (literature review) 


Yaroshenko R.A., Panasenko S.I., Chorna I.O., Khorosh M.V., Ligonenko O.V.  Epidemiology of gastrointestinal bleedings compared in Ukraine and in the Poltava region 




Myndziv K.V., Yarema N.I., Vereshchahina N.Ya., Bondarchuk V.I., Hevko U.P., Vayda O.V.  Application of diagnostic methods in the verification of Lyme carditis (clinical case)


Sanina N.A., Hondulenko N.O., Panina S.S., Shulha V.S. A clinical case of asymptomatic pancreatic hyperenzymemia on the background of taking a Glucagon-like peptide-1 analogue (GLP-1) 


Zhdan V.M., Ivanytskyi I.V., Babanina M.Y., Ivanytska T.A., Kitura Y.M., Volchenko H.V., Tkachenko M.V., Kyrian O.A., Lebid V.H.  Possibilities of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of pigmented villonodular synovitis. Clinical case 


Popovych O.O., Moroz L.V., Chabanov F.A., Androsova O.S., Kulias S.M., Chichirelo-Konstantynovych K.D., Plotytsia L.P.  Clinical case of meningoencephalitis of Epstein-Barr viral etiology in an immunocompetent patient 


Samoilenko A.V., Oryshchenko V.Yu., Strelchenia T.M. Oral lichen planus post COVID-19 vaccination: report of two cases