Eleanora Biletska 

State Prize Laureat in Science and Technology,
MD, Professor of the Department of Hygiene, Ecology
and Occupational Safety of Dnipro state medical university. 
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In 1976 Eleanora Biletska with honors graduated from the sanitation-hygiene faculty of the Dnipropetrovsk Medical Institute and began working at the department of general hygiene. In 1983 under the guidance of Professsor M.M. Paranko and Academician of NAMS of Ukraine Professor I.M.Trahtenberh she defended PhD thesis «Hygienic evaluation of noise and aerosol chrome influence on the cardiovascular system». In 1994 she was elected associate professor of general hygiene department. In 1999 she defended doctoral thesis «Hygienic characteristics of influence of heavy metals of the environment on the reproductive function of women» (scientific adviser - Professor M.M. Paranko). In 2002 she was elected Professor and in 2003 – the head of general hygiene department, this post she is holding now.

E. Biletska is one of the leading hygienists of our country. Her work on fundamentals of theory of impact of heavy metals on the human body identified dangerous impact of contaminants in terms of populated cities; this was logical and priority research direction of E. Biletska. For the first time in the series of works by E. Biletska, adverse effects of low concentrations of heavy metals in the objects of the environment on the reproductive function of women were proved, system of prevention of reproductive complications in women was developed and implemented, new criteria for valuation of heavy metals in the environment, based on the data of their biomonitoring in human organism were justified. Substantial achievements of Professor E. Biletskaya and students of her scientific school in the area of microelementology is establishing special role of selenium, zinc and copper for population health of industrial region.

Determinancy of neonatal anthropometric indices on the level and nature of atmospheric pollution of industrial cities is a significant contribution of Professor E. Biletska into the development of child hygiene. Unique data on accumulation of heavy metals of dose-dependent character in the fetus blood during pregnancy in nature clinical experiment were obtained, regional standards for physical indices of the newborns were developed.

The important scientific achievement of Professor E. Biletska is a cycle of works on environmental security in environmentally critical regions of Ukraine, using integrated environmental monitoring system in order to reduce the anthropogenic impact being caused on the areas and population. For this work she was honored with the highest award for the scientist - the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology in the year 2014.

Professor E. Biletska is the author of 450 scientific and educational works, including 8 monographs, 6 books, 4 textbooks with the stamp of MES/Ministry of Health of Ukraine, National Action Plan for Environmental Health (MH of Ukraine, 1998; 2001), Integrated interregional program (2014), 3 guidelines of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, DSP «Ferrous metallurgy enterprises», 11 patents, rationalization proposals, applications for invention and utility model, 4 newsletters, 2 certificates on protection of copyright. Under the scientific advice and guidance of E. Biletska 2 Doctoral and 5 PhD thesis were defended, PhD thesis is being performed now.

E. Biletska carries out broad public work being the Chairman of the  commission of DSMU on hygienic disciplines; the Chairman of the task group of DSMU on "Environmental health"; member of the academic board of medicine faculty II; member of the Academic Board of DSMU; member of the specialized dissertation board D 26.604.01 of the SE "Institute of Public Health named after A.N. Marzeyev of NAMS of Ukraine" (Kyiv); member of Presidiums of Association of Hygienists of Ukraine and Society of microelementologists of Ukraine; member of committee at Prydneprovsk Research Center on developing system of integrated   operational monitoring of environment of Dnipropetrovsk region; member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the government office on protection of environment of Dnipropetrovsk region; Head of PTC "Editor" and "preventive medicine", managing editor of the scientific journal "Medical Perspectives" of Dnipro state medical university.

Diverse activity of E. Biletska was awarded with the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (2014), Order of M.I. Pirogov (2007), was marked by gratitudes and diplomas of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, DSMU, the Scholarship Fund of Dnipro and etc.